Gallery of lockdown art

I know a lot of artists. They live most everywhere

And when it came to lockdown

Their classes were not there

They kept on making anyway

On sofas beds and tables

Some were shy and some were bright and some were really able

The rest were able too they found, once they gave it a go

And paint created ways to make the time go extra slow

They started talking in a group or two or three or more

And suddenly it wasn’t bad that life stopped at the door

Theses artworks are all made by people I find really cool

They found a new expression mostly stomped on when at school

we just all need some coaxing and some decent arty bits

the world is a huge jigsaw and were all little bits

you don’t have to be everything

you’re perfect as you are

well done for all your artwork , you’re a super shiny star !!!!

Gold Star Clip Art - Golden Transparent Background Star, HD Png Download -  kindpng


Art from friends in East lothian and the Borders

Let’s build something together!