Community Art Exhibition

And with a little creativity and teamwork anything can happen.. This happens over tea and a sandwich, over conversation and with no clock watching. With a few ideas given as starting points and the imagination doing the rest.

Our group are currently part of a wellbeing in the Arts exhibition at the John Gray Centre in Haddington, where for some of the artists it is the first time any pieces have appeared anywhere but on the desk in front of them. It was a truly emotional night seeing the culmination of their efforts and the atmosphere amongst all the groups and individuals was so positive.

Part of coming together as an art group and having time just to be;  is fantastic for the soul. a great way to find what we love and what who we are on  a journey to become .

On reading an extract from a description of ways to enlightenment, how to be your best self..several criteria looked familiar to things we seek in a healthy group connection…



A sense of mental and physical lightness.

Feeling more centered in yourself.

Feeling safe.

Knowing that your life has meaning.

A sense of bliss in everyday activity.

Lessening of negative emotions like fear, anger, guilt, or shame.

An increase in “aha” moments of insight.

A desire to help others rather than to live only for yourself.

Last week we created words to describe one another  and a few about ourselves and then gifted all these words in little bags to each individual. The person then had to write their words, whether they believed them or not; on a picture. Artwork was personal and encouraging and To be BELIEVED at moments of self doubt or on a blue Monday.


Sometimes you just need to know someone can see you.  Especially the one in the mirror.
Thank-you for all your hard work and for the organisers of the exhibition too. If we had only had  just a hilarious car journey there and back like giggling kids… that would almost have been enough.
You rock ..
Liz xx

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