The Splendour of Winter

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Bear Quite liking having the beach to himself

This week we celebrate the best things that happen to the light in the landscape in winter, and how we can capture a moment from a photograph to paint from later in the warmth of home..

Hopefully at some point this weekend you found something to photograph, something which made your heart sing just a little bit.

Loving these ones that Jim let us use


Good paper . Cartridge . My favourite is this; 200gsm pad of A4 or A3.

Water, watercolour paints, gouache and watercolour pencils.

Black ink or pens

loose fat clean brushes and firm watercolour brushes

Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.6
WLOT Acrylic Paint Brush Set - 9 Taklon Brushes,Long Handle - Brush Set for Acrylic,Oil, Watercolour, Nail Painting - Perf...

Sponge, kitchen paper to lift off colour, salt to lift paint.

Image result for simple landscape watercolour

Turn your photograph upside down to make it easier to see and

Copy the shapes and proportions….

Image result for draw upside down

Don’t name them in your head. Just Draw lovely lines . With a 2B pencil if you have one, nice and soft.

Use the time MINDFULLY whatever that might be…These are some of your photos from the weekend .

Get your paints out……..

Choosing a watercolour surface | Winsor & Newton


Turn your drawing right way up and enjoy soaking parts of the paper with a little water…

Now enjoy splodging on colour into the wet and dry areas . see what happens. keep control, by dabbing on your kitchen roll.

This picture has ink drawn on top with the trees
Image result for painting watercolours for beginners
Image result for painting watercolours for beginners

Sprinkle salt on wet areas to create texture. rub this off when dry

Create stronger lines with watercolour pencils to add definition

Below will be your gallery Space by Friday …..

You created and made

Dug snowpiles with spades

Stayed cosy inside

Dressed in splendour with pride

You kept your eyes open,

looked between the clouds

Banking art and wonder

to share when we are allowed

Stay cosy Friends xxx

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