Mixed bag of delights

Over this last lock down our patience and survival skills have been challenged, simply by moving through the liquid days trying to stay grounded and find comfort in the small things. With so much time to fill, but with time going slightly hazy, we are all doing well to simply have ideas, let alone see them flourishing. These pieces have all been achieved over the last few weeks by all of you🙏💖😘

Ideas are simply starting points and the odd visual prompt sometimes, flies our hearts somewhere we forgot about, or maybe takes us somewhere entirely new. I would not enjoy drawing half as much if I wasn’t looking through my lenses not only as a perpetual student but as a sharer of what I see through your eyes along the way too. Teaching 18 years in a high school was just the beginning, I hope you will all still be teaching me things and sharing your artwork with me when the care home phones the pub wondering where I’ve got to. 😂Xx

Keep doing what you’re doing 💖

Well done ♥️

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