View through the window

Light or dark, open or closed, a window can be seen as so much more than  an architectural element in an Artist’s painting.

A backdrop, a background , an accent of your composition, but also as a metaphor for hope, change, and step into the unknown. A window reflects the weather, the times, the age, the feeling, the narrative, the journey of the artist. In recent months, they have become glimpses of the everyday stories of lives beyond the glass, often so near, but yet still out of reach. This year in particular, the view from the window has become a poignant reminder of our times.

See the source image

While the weather still challenges us some of the time, this week we have spent time looking through the glass at the world outside, before hopefully we are able to open the door to the outside and keep it wide open again.

Artist’s Work this week Above

A little of mine and my daughter’s Sketching

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