Alphabet soup 2

N is for….necklace

Although Allan, our resident Scrabble expert tells us of the smaller number of nouns beginning with ‘N’, we have a delightful mix this week already…Where there’s a will…

New life

Lamb and daffodils

New life is all around us

Look forward in Hope



Nodding Narcissus

Reflection of golden Sun

Blowing own Trumpet


‘Nuthatch’ Sarah
‘Nasturtiums ‘ Cherry

Notebook, Nib and Nails!!!


Jim, hilarious as always…

And this week’s Letter is of course the letter ‘E’

With soldiers……

May be art

Happy Easter… Look forward to seeing your E pics

See the source image
See the source image
Eye of the autumnal storm by Lorna
Easter morning by Heather

The sun is rising

Dawn breaks on Easter morning

Resurrection light

Easy eggs by Allan
Jim’s Eager Eagle
Egg by Cherry

This week is going to be the letter R

My Roses

A single red rose

Symbol of our eternal love

No grief without love

Raspberries by M and S!
Rosie by Cherry
R in rosebuds by lorna
Red admiral by Sarah
Rose petal roses lorna
Roses from roses lorna
Quick rose by Lorna
Rainbow textile by Ruth
Rose textile by Ruth

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