O’Keeffe Flowers Workshop

This workshop focused on an Artist who took the Male dominated Art world by the horns..

Our homework was to photograph and look at the shapes, lines and patterns in the beautiful rhythms of flowers.

O’keeffe played with the natural forms, colours, tonal bursts like painted explosions on the canvas.

She created artwork which made the ordinary.. Extraordinary

Materials used in the class

Oil and chalk Pastels, tissue paper, p.v.a. and water mix, water in pots, brushes, and Chinese brushes, acrylic paints, scraping tools, coloured inks, black ink, pencils, charcoal, scissors. various papers, canvas boards.

Biography Giorgia O’keeffe

Zooming in like a macro lens on the centre of each bloom, we looked at the shapes and curves of petals and stamens, and created images through viewfinders.

Task one.

Abstracting shapes, we made quick drawings with rhythmic strokes in monochrome materials to get a flavour of abstraction and form

Decisions were made about next steps and media to be explored.

Task two

( main boards prepared for the afternoon with tissue paper layers. Allowed to dry)

Mixed media techniques– practice and play with the following-

Oil pastel and ink

Tissue paper and ink

Acrylic paint techniques

Watercolour paint and pencil

Tissue player base layer

Work by children showing close ups of flowers

Our group had a diverse range of techniques and ideas..

While Artwork was drying, a lovely lunch was eaten!

After looking at our inspiration…

In the afternoon, using personal choice of materials and technique, the class worked on individual pieces, in a variety of media.

And ALL created an amazing final piece of Artwork!!

Below are pieces created by Heather outside of class.

Job done! Thankyou everyone for a great day and a great session of workshops, You are all superstars xx

Happy Summer Holidays everyone.. you all created some lovely Artwork this year!


One comment

  1. Thank you Liz. You put a lot of work into the day. I really enjoyed it. Hope you have a good summer break.
    I have paid you for the cards. Thank you for those too. Annabel.


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