Morning Line- Liz

Preparation for Zoom Workshop

Hope on the Horizon – Allan

A Devon Tor at Dawn- Jan

Glastonbury Tor at Dawn – Heather J

dawn over the tor

mystical, ethereal

did those feet pass here ?

Dawn Chorus- Fran

Dawn studies in Watercolour and Pastel- Jan

Abstract sketch – Sue
Dawn- Edna
It's barely light, the covers waft,
their clouds of sleep warmed air.
I know it's weird to even dream,
of getting out of there.

But better still, than cosy nest,
and catching last night's dream.
Is catching first, the dawn's first light,
This sacred time between.

There's snuffling and sighing, 
as slumber still goes on.
And warily my socks pad past,
the boards they creak upon.

For precious time awaits me now,
carved out before the day.
And woe betide the faulty clock,
which takes this time away.

As steam swirls from my mug, I grasp,
The words that float on by.
As free as birds and music notes,
I snatch their lullaby.

For this is no man's land this time,
Of Snoozing child and souls.
When Artists, and the dreamers rise,
Creations swim in shoals.

They swirl in space like air borne sweets,
Just slightly out of reach.
Dust motes, golden, winged new dreams,
Language yet to teach.

There's a time for everyone,
Somewhere that is home.
Somewhere you can breathe some more,
Yours, and yours alone.

Dawn the sanctuary of all,
The Poets, Artists, dogs.
Kettle on, we swipe the pane,
Throw the fire a log.

While the world still safely sleeps,
Sunrise slowly climbs.
Still and quiet, ours alone,
Marking brand new lines.

Try it; there are pockets there
Magic still to find.
Dawn awaits with arms outstretched
If you're so inclined ...


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