Heather – oil pastels

feather from peacock
vibrant iridescent hues
some say brings bad luck.

Edna – chalk pastels
Julia – printed feather
Julia- One for sorrow
Fiona -watercolours and ink
Fiona -Oil pastels
Heather – Acrylics
 For the girl who will fly

Time has broken, watches stopped, breathing slowed to still
Inky dreams are bleeding into raindrops on the sill 

Snatch a thought, a winged thing, naked to the eye
Troubles sinking deeper underneath the far off sky

Gossamer a memory , cotton light as down
Love as old as mountains, film stills with no sound 

Angel white She’s floating , feather from the moon
Nobody can see her. No one hears her tune

She is barely moving, lifted by the air
Carving out no hollow in her nest of velvet chair 

Close her eyes she’s gone now , feather in the wind 
Carried by a salted breeze , a race without an end

Feather light and feather down
Feather soft and slight
Succumb to night time breezes 
Looking for the light 

Maybe here she'll linger , a coat of spiders web  
Twisting free from who she'll be and where her feet are led 

Morning may bring anchors
Weight for thoughts and pain 
feather cave of eider’s down 
Until she flies again


Have a lovely week xx

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