Alison R

Below. Inspired by

The Fish
‘In a cool curving world he lies
And ripples with dark ecstasies’

Rupert Brooke

Heather J


When I grow up I want to be, 
A lady who drinks pots of tea.
No meeting will be fit to start, 
Until the table is Fine Art. 

A cloth and cakes and little spoons,
While jazz is sighing out it’s tunes. 
On saucers, tiny cups will clink.
And form a richer tea to drink. 

I’ll spoon the sugar with my tongs, 
And sway to Billie's bluesy songs.
And tower all the treats I’m able, 
Sky high plates atop the table. 

Friends will Ooh and Ahhh and clap,
With paper napkins in their lap.
Awaiting each and every prize,
From stomachs smaller than their eyes. 

A teapot giant of all proportions,
Dormice safe from hot misfortunes. 
Filled with fragrant special blend,
 Lazy Sundays, rich with friends. 

If Alice saw my tempting spread, 
No doubt, she would choose mine instead .
We’d while the day so pleasantly:
Our wonderland of cake and tea.

Have a great week. Definitely the weather for tea and cake ! xx


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