A table groans with dishes, laden, 
piled with natures best. 
Every season at the table 
Groomed and Richly dressed. 

Every taste and every colour, 
Swimming side by side.
Bursting forth with flavours,
Tempting to abibe. 

First taunts sumptuous summer, 
Ruby red and fresh.
Cheeky, full and vibrant
Sugar on her breath.

Autumn brings his swagger,
Cool in faded shades.
Bountiful and earthy,
Stitched in woodland glades.

Creeping in unnoticed, 
Winter takes his place.
Tattered shirt tails flapping, 
Time etched in his face.

Hungry to be feasting,
Plates are soon piled high.
Summer's fruits and seafood, 
Juicy, full of  life.

Autumn carves his pastries
Dense and deep their bite.
Roasted garlic wafting, 
On this starry night.

Winter shares his bounty,
Warm and richly sweet.
Jams and breads and fruitcakes,
Stews and roasted meats. 

A clatter from the window. 
A tiny foot appears
Shafts of light and birdsong;
Our final guest is here.

A dancing Spring, drops parcels
On each and every plate.
Reminding other seasons
For their turn, to wait. 

No meal would be perfection,
Without a graceful start.
Of delicate asparagus, 
Of crab and lemon tart.

Of every season's splendors 
The burst of charming spring 
Tempts bodies from their slumber
The light to life she brings. 

Though tiny as a sapling, 
No food grows without Spring 
She sits head of the table,
And makes the party swing. 


Alison R
Fran- Bees on crocus
Edna -Jean’s Spring Blossom
Edna – Hellebores
Jan – Spring studies
Heather -Primroses

pale starry faces
peeping out from grassy banks
a sure sign of spring
Heather J

Julia -Pulmonaria

Now Spring has sprung
And Winter’s done
To have some fun

A beautiful display of Spring blooms fabulous friends xx

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