What is Sea Sparkle?

 Have you ever watched the Sea Sparkle like diamonds
 in the sunshine or dance on the water on a moonlit night?


Have you ever felt like a child again just hearing the waves
 on the beach?

Have you ever lost your worries on the wind as the crashing
 shore reminded you how small you were compared to its vast


Is your heart at the Seaside?

Sea Sparkle is a Community Art group and project, inspired by, and specifically for those who wish to be part of a creative coastal  experience, but who have emotional or physical barriers.0f186c5b7a54a5258a5e1140261aecc7
An Art Space with a difference

I am an artist and an Art teacher. I am 47. I became disabled with early onset osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia a few years ago and live with pain and immobility. My path led me to leave my Secondary School Art teaching career and the suburbs of Edinburgh;  for a life in a bungalow by the sea in St Abbs.179490_10151005646166869_1174853046_n

For two years my lovely daughter, our Durrells like menagerie and many friends have helped us create our beach sanctuary. A place not only  for us, but for anybody in need of a creative space or a friend.

IMG_2349 (5)

Sadly, despite the proximity of the ocean and its delights, for me it is very difficult to get to the sea. I can see the water glistening from my living room, but only my daughter can actually walk there. Instead we have built our own beach huts and seaside cottage at home, bringing delight to many passers by, and online in the blog we write on our progress and adventures.   lizatthebeachhut.com


And now our dream is to provide this comfort and resource close to the beach, with  a range of facilities and services which cater for people, who, like me, need help to get to their oasis.

Related image

We are going to build a new place. Your Beach Hut. Our Art hut for everyone. It will be a space to feel at home, to create, to meet other people of similar interests and to relax over coffee and art. Together we can make it happen. It has been happening in our classes for so long, sharing our unique passions and enabling people to step into their best creative selves. We are going to try and fund a space to house our equipment and resources and to do some courses here by the Scottish Coast. We will focus hugely on being a disabled friendly and easily accessible, safe hub . Please look out for our Face-book campaign and help in any way you can.

The Seaside Calls, Melbourne, Australia. Vintage Travel Poster b

Imagine a space that welcomes you , that you feel you can be yourself in, regardless of skill or experience, regardless of mobility or confidence and regardless of who or what you already know…


You can read more in the early Liz at The Beach Hut posts on our other site, but as most of you know, seeing the Sea Sparkle has been an inspiration, since I was a little girl, in beach huts of all shapes, sizes, realms and guises..back to school aug 2015 015

Sea Sparkle gives everyone a welcoming space to explore their creativity, but will be much more than that in a purpose built space. It will be an inspiring haven with its roots at the beach.


We are so excited to tell you about our new name and will absolutely welcome volunteers, trust members and any other support you may feel you can offer.

download (10)

Love to hear your ideas too! Love and Sparkles, Liz xx




  1. What a wondeful idea. I wish it, and you, great success.
    I shall endeavour to bring some supplies for it next time I’m down your way.


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