Alphabet soup 4

H is for house

House in Paynes Gray pen, brush and ink

Heather’s Heron

The Heron Returns

Flood waters are receding

look for the rainbow

H is for Heron, from a photo taken by her daughter.

Lorna’s Highland Coo
Mixed Media Hare Liz

Heather’s Hare amongst the Bluebells

Sarah’s Resting Hares. Did you know A group of hares is called a Fluffle.?

Alan’s Haar over Hazy horizon

After a lovely workshop about rooms in our mental ‘houses’ and what we put where , Jim’s Home, and the feeling of security under the roof.

Clearly the workshop worked ! Jims hurdling hippo’s

Lila’s Wonderful Tree House of many spaces
Lorna’s H for house
Hair by Allan
Cherry’s lovely house 🏡

And the next letter is A

My anchor in memory of my sailor buddy Donny. R. I. P

Sarah’s Angel fish

Heather’s Abbey with a quirky perspective and limited palette ❤️

Jim’s army!

Laura’s apples

Allan’s ant

Absolutely awesome art! 🎨❤️

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