Alphabet soup no 5

Shh …

Allan’s scrabble tournament
Lornas’s shells from shells
Cherry’s shell

And next up. Q

Quack quack by Heather

Quiet she is not

Quacks loudly to her ducklings

quickly follow me

Lornas quavers
Quiche plans by Jim
Sarah’s queen of the fairies

And this week is the letter b

Heather’s beautiful building

Sunshine and Shadows

Reflecting Priories Past

Still a living church

Lorna’s Bowl of B’s
Jim’s Big bad B
Lorna’s brilliantly bonkers blue booted bird
And Lorna’s Buns!!
Busy Bees by Toni
Boxing by JIm
Lorna’s bugling bunny
Lorna’s blingy bag
Sarah’s blue tit

And Bear in on the action with his performance of bubble wrap 🐻🤣x

Bluebells by Heather

Sky blue nodding bells

Smothering the woodland floor

Will they ring again?

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