Alphabet soup no 7

A little m for magical moments, magpies and mischief …

Toni’s Deid mackerel
Allan’s money
Lorna’s Moomaid
Sarah’s mallard
Heather’s Meconopsis

Frail Meconopsis

Blue Himalayan poppy πŸ’™

Healing and harming

And this week’s letter is v.. for vintage van

Vintage van πŸ’™
Jim’s V for victory in recovery πŸ™
Lorna’s vine
Jim’s viking alter ego
Curved vase of petals by lorna
Flat vase of petals by Lorna

Violets in a vase

Displayed no place to hide

Seventh spectrum hue

Violets and haiku by Heather πŸ’œ

Vultures by Jim.
Vintage vibes by Allan

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