Alphabet soup no 8

I is for ….

Ice cream
‘I ‘ BY Jim
Iris by Lorna
Igloo by Sarah
I By Izzy
Iona by Heather

Isle of Iona

Wild geese and high stone

A sacred thin place

Liz’s zebra
Jim’s zebra
Jim’s winged zebra
Lorna’s zebra zoo
Allan’s zulus in last weeks I for igloo.
Toni’s escape from chainzz
Heather’s zygopetalum


Flambouyant fragrant orchid

TlC needed !

W is for watch
Jim’s wooden door
Allan’s 50s print style water
Sarah’s wren
Heather’s weeping willows

Wistful willow weeps

Tendrils trail in cool water

What do you grieve for ?

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