Apples Liz
Karen’s Apple
Fran’s Butterfly on Blackberries
Julia’s pear
Rowena’s Fruit Still Life
Alison’s bananas
Alan’s tangerine
Edna’s Fruit medley
Heather’s watermelon

Ripe watermelon oozes

juice dribbles down my chin

slices of delight

Lemon studies Lorna
Sarah’s lemon drawing
With a different media
Cup your glass, close your eyes, 
warm languid orange light. 
Words are rustling past your ears 
fade soon into the night.  

From near or far, it matters not 
A song plays tenderly: 
Night birds harmonise their parts 
In practiced symphony. 

A memory has caught you 
And will not let you speak. 
It's power still so succulent 
Your body still so weak. 

A mango, eaten long ago, 
Perfect and sweet as rain. 
Cut open, fists of juicy flesh 
No fruit so ripe again. 

You eat at other tables 
Lush with fruit of every kind, 
Bewitched now still, by thoughts of mango, 
Flirting with your mind.

Your tastes will know this blessing: 
Giving purchase to your quest. 
To find again that paradise, 
Whilst juicing all the rest. 
Mango Liz

May your week be abundant and sweet


Liz and the Art group xx

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