Liz fur pup

Karen’s Bear
Heather’s Bunny
Allan’s Bear
Quick class demo
Fran’s Sheep
Jean’s Bear
Liz J’s Bear
Allan’s Rabbit
Jan’s Bear
Edna’s squirrel
Edna’s other squirrel!
Alison’s Bear
Jean’s Hares
Ruth’s Rabbit ‘Blizzard’

Each night as daylight ebbs away,
Ease into simplest pleasures.
No matter what went on that day,
Free fall to hygge- like leisure.

Imagine childhood bedtimes,
with a face pressed to a bear.
Holding on to paws and ears,
The friend whose always there.

A universal soothing touch,
As fingers brush soft fur.
On Laps and beds as hands reach out,
Invoking warmth and purr.

A bear to love, a coat to stroke,
Heat hands against the storm.
In arms,  on sofas,  cots or chairs,
Soft fur will keep you warm.


Keep your furry ones close; It might be sunny, but there’s still a chill in the air

Love and hugs, Liz and the Art Group

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