Liz in thought
Jan’s World
Allan’s ‘Me’ montage
Allison’s portrait
Heather’s heather

Purple Heather Blooms

Clothing moorland and hillsides

beloved of bees

Julia’s book nook
Fran’s twin
Ruth’s ‘Pieces of me’
Me , Lorna, Toni, Jim by Toni

A cascade of old photos,
Showing how much time goes by.
Behind my face I peer at me,
Myself, my life and I.

She looks a bit like someone
Frozen in a backwards glance.
Perhaps a snapshot memory,
A shoulder bumped by chance.

Her eyes are gently mocking,
For the things she’s yet to feel.
The sadness, joy and thunder,
Carving out a path more real.

For her there is forever 
Still in hopeful , youthful gaze.
A thousand opportunities,
For lazy summer days.

As we see floating futures,
inside our younger eyes.
Surround us fly winged memories,
Each vibrant fairground prize.

Versions of our one- day,
Our hero selves ahead,
The grown up real ,unbroken;
Then life unfolds instead.

For our unblemished faces,
Catch light from all our line;
And carve each deepening smile line,
A portrait sketched from time.

No filters, just the Art Group

In all our unique selves x


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