Green peacock feather Liz
Green tree Alison

Leafy canopy

Cool refuge from scorching sun

Peaceful green shade

Canopy of leaves
Hellebore by Heather

Wild green Hellebore rare

Find in winter woodland

Don’t crush underfoot

Seed heads bursting with green

Little Green money plant . Liz

Green window view Allan

Serene greens to please

Through an overgrown window

Luscious light and leaves

Green paint Allan

Green living
July winds shading darker
Under harvest sun.

Above the Tweed at old Melrose

Vibrant, muted, earthy, moss
Field and stem and leaf.
A Rousseau palette,  tiger’s crawl
The ladybird beneath.

Our backdrop, nature’s wallpaper
Luscious fields and hedge,
Green the quiet friend to all;
A spring time morning pledge.

Your sap in veins like corridors;
Brings colour in between.
Each cushioned, outside cinema,
Whose curtains drape in green.

Paint box bright, in gaudy blasts
Shouting heads of flowers.
Precious, planted, growing things
Life that echoes ours.

In between the drama, pinks,
and yellows- firework bright.
Patchwork, soft, forever humble;
Green threads stitch them tight.

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