Sunflower Liz
Migration Alison

Over yellow vistas

They glide from great altitudes

New lands pass beneath

Alison harvest

Yellow gently sways

As breeze whispers through ripe corn

Awaiting harvest

Heather bananas

Vibrant yellow bunch

Healthy potassium source


Heather buttercups

Golden buttercups

Bringing us sunshine and cheer

Do you like butter?

Edna yellow tomatoes

My ripe tomatoes

Ready and sweet for eating

Yellow Sun Babies

Sian daffodil

Bright early morning

Daffodil heads turn slowly

In search of the sun

Two bananas Allan

Softly softly buttercup,
Hold your tiny face.
Tell me what your petals tell?
Intricate as lace.

Do they tell of melted toast?
Beside a roaring hearth.
Dippy eggs and soldiers too,
Fresh from Summer’s bath.

Yellow bite size sunshine,
Yellow eyelid’s haze,
Yellow morning’s wonderment
Languid summer days.

Golden bite size sandwiches,
Cut in half again.
No chin safe from butter’s charm;
All a child again.


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