Shades of grey

Pebbles Liz
Morning Light Alison

Cold grey light paints hills

A prelude to warm colours

As a new day dawns

Storm Heather

Grey clouds gathering

Loom like giants over us

Stirring up a storm

Weathered Tree Alison

Dark rain clouds gather

As crows blown by stormy winds

Leave their weathered tree

Misty mountains Sian
Drawn to the river Allan
Durham Cathedral Heather

Durham Cathedral

Rising from the morning mist

Rest in peace Cuthbert

Shades of Grey

Between each solid wall of thought,
Each brick that builds our way.
Sweep brushstrokes of intensity,
A thousand shades of grey.

White blue greys at early morn,
Skim fields, caress the dew.
Our dreams are still; half floating past,
‘Til daylight paints the new.

A storm cloud passes by the door,
Wrapped up in teenage gloom.
A mist descends on all who sit,
Suspended, in the room.

A slip of grey, slinks at your feet,
All velvet fur and eyes .
A gentle, purry blur of warmth,
A panther in disguise.

Folds of linen, chambray, silk,
T’ shirts past their prime.
Lines of ordered, tiny socks,
Less grey on the line.

Inky notes in margins,
True love every time.
Keep each memory fading,
Inks in greying lines.

Savour subtle flavour,
Blackened pepper ground.
Sprinkle life and lunches,
All the tastes you’ve found.

Pierce the light through storm clouds,
Vibrant flash of light.
All the greys that ever were,
Paint the raucous night.

Simple, speckle, handmade bowl,
Softly shaded land.
Make our colours brighter still ,
Nature’s graphic hand.


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