Liz lynx
Allan Orange
Heather’s lighthouse

Sunset’s orange blaze

Somewhere the sun is shining

The light of the world.

Allan’s orange -utan
Lydia 5 🧡 meteor shower
Sian. Three little Birds
Sian. Autumn Fire
Edna. Holy Island
Alison’s juicey slice

Orange eyelids

Peaceful bathing in the sun,
Snoozing cats stretch taught.
Eyelids sealed in dreamy bliss,
Orange dreams are caught .

All is spice and dry and zest,
All is summer spark.
Henna swirls on bare girl’s arms,
Languid , after dark.

Petals flare at hard won light,
Glowing vibrant brave.
Gorge on summer’s liquid touch,
Every garden’s slave.

Wonder at the orange moon,
Barely seen so fat.
Flicker carlight in it’s path,
Cheshire Alice cat.

Chilli spice and fire heat,
Embers burning bright.
Orange sparks our hands held close,
Fireworks in the night .



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