Wing- Liz

Virginal snowdrop

standing stalwart in the snow

meekly bows her head

White Butterfly-Fran
Datura- Annabel
Milk Jug-Annabel
Magical Hare- Heather J

Mythical white hare

gazes mesmerized at moon

magical moment.

Ghost Ships- Liz
Milk Jug- Heather B

Boil milk with water

add dry tea leaves and sugar

cups wait for kettle

Little duck- Sian
Daisies – Sian

Bright sunny daisies

Mornings; still warm with summer

A change in the Air

Greek steps- Allison
Cala Lilies- Edna
Woodland Retreat- Allan
Snowy trees – Julia
Close up water – Jan
White jug – Julia

White Night

Underneath the eiderdown, a small cheek softly rests, 
Safe beneath the whiteness of a crisp and cotton nest.
Scented stocks drift in from moonlight, tickling the floor,
All is still until the click of downstairs kitchen door.

All at once a light appears, from hedge and tree and glade.
White mist hovers over land as lilies skirts are splayed.
White owl stares unblinking, turns his face to a full moon,
Watching as each silken robe unfurls like spring in bloom.

Eyelids flicker restlessly as small boys mind’s can see,
White knight on his charger crossing sheets on curled up knees.
White mice watch delightedly from every nook and crack.
Shadows looming flicker tall, like cloaks behind their backs.

Bells ring out from tuberose as fire flies whirl and swoon,
Holding tight their fairy loves as crickets thrum their tune.
Doe eyed fallow flit through trees like dancing sprites of old.
A handsome hare delights her buck with stories to be told.

White Queen glides through moss cracked stone, fierce in game and face,
Moonlight blessing Stoney skin with softened regal grace.
Who will dare to take her square, this night of sparkly white.
Watch and learn, the Rook tells Pawn, be patient in your fight..

Strings of moonflower light the way for dancing under stars
Heady nectar drunk from petals strung on webs, in jars.
Skirts of roses, stitched from silk spun by a dragon’s wing
Twirl on dust mote symphonies as thirty finches sing.

Shhh. But wait a steady beat, the ticking of a clock
A glint of a horizon line, a pair of large white socks.
Steady in their progress, plodding near the bedroom door
Moonlight fun is almost done and we can dance no more.

Ten pink toes start to unfurl, from twists in crumpled sheet
Sleepy head is full of dreams and tangled still in sleep.
Does he hear a battle cry? Flash of feathers white
Snuffs out candle as he wakes, tumbles into light..

Always look for the light, happy painting ✨

Liz x

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