Figs- Liz
Exhilaration- Allison

Breeze rushes past me

Trees, fields and vistas fly by


Purple streptocarpus (cape primrose)- Edna
Geese- Allison

Geese prepare to leave

As Autumn fights with late Summer

Over who’s in charge

Bamburgh- Castle Heather

Northumbrian gem

Bebbanburg to Bamburgh

Kings, monks, inventors.

Grapevine- Lydia (5)
Busy bee- Sian

Bee suckles nectar

Nature’s decadent candy

The circle of life

Naive Beach Huts- Allan

Purple Rain

I remembered the rain was as purple as ink,

dripping, rivulets rich through my hair.
The street lights were blurry, the faces so fast;
But suddenly no-one was there.

The sky cracked and bruised like an overripe plum,
Spitting and cursing it’s words.
But warmth in the air and the softness of light,
Made the soft drumming all that we heard.

Headlights merged swiftly,  a violet stripe,
Clothing unpeeling from skin.
Under this down pour,  like fruit soft and ripe
Where I stop is where you begin.

Sweet summer rain is dissolving our thoughts
  like blackberry wine, vibrant dark
A film still: preserved , like flies in jam caught.
Stained mauve, with your watermark.


Have a lovely week folks xx

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