Poppy- Liz
Red Cardinal- Sian
Poppy- Jan
Red cap- Julia
Red Mullet- Allan

Fish dead or alive?
Swimming or lying on ice
Always watching you

Poppy-Heather J

bright scarlet poppy
papery petals with black hearts
used for good and bad.

Red Pepper- Allison
‘Letting go’- Sian
Golden Gate sketch- Allison
Leaf- Annabel
Bamburgh Castle- Heather J
Lips- Allison
Red Apples- Edna
Red pepper-Liz
Lady with Red Umbrella- Heather B

red umbrella aloft,

girl walks quickly in the rain

as autumn winds blow

Red Shoes

Jammy little fingers, sticky, 
holding onto mine 
Mashed up strawberries picked from summers,
tangled garden vine.

Shiny shoes so poppy red
 Taps her heals three times.
mashing up found garden berries
Making fairy wine. 

Velvet coat with furry cuffs 
Buttons cut from gold,
My little red riding hood
Safe from wolves and cold. 

Cherry ripe tomatoes 
Pasta down her chin,
Curling up in cosy bed 
Sardine in a tin. 

Polka dots and jelly,
Ribbons tie her hair.
Apple in her school bag
Autumn in the air. 

Catch her precious childhood 
Moments in old toys
Rich and deep And perfect
Drops of blood red joy.


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