Feather- Liz
Waves- Edna

Night sea

in chill black darkness

a full moon keeps watch over

the deep still ocean

Sleeping Woman- Allison
Louis Armstrong- Allan
Six spot Burnet Butterfly-Fran
Northern Lights- Edna
Charcoal sketches- Allison
Deep dark woods- Lydia (5)
Shag- Heather

shag perches on rock

spreads her wings ready for flight

where is the broomstick?

Raven- Liz
The day we watched the funeral, 
when all the nation grieved.
Sat inside with children home;
Choirs on TV. 

A raven watched beside us-
Beside the open door.
Catching little snippets,  
Coming back for more. 

Black were all her feathers, 
Black were her bright eyes.
But though the day was heavy,
The sun shone in the sky 

Other ravens gathered, 
Smart in feathered suits.
Regal, loyal, slick with time 
Wearing formal boots. 

Lined up at the palace,
Making good the tower.
Celebrating queen's long reign,
Warm and strong in power. 

Nobody was counting,
Looking at the sky.
Watching for the minute when,
Their Monach passed them by. 

So nobody missed her,
One less precious bird.
Hanging on the commentary ,
Huw Edwards every word. 

Solemnly she stood there,
Forgetting I was there.
Forgetting all the other birds,
High up in the air. 

And as the crowd stood sombre, 
Her majesty was led.
A million mourning faces.
A raven bowed her head. 

She turned then from the TV,
A tear- filled, beady eye.
And left me to my musings,
As she soared into the sky.

( based on a true story)

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