Flattened gouache flowers- Liz
Abstract Space- Sue
Rainbow ponies- Liz B
Humdinger Bird- Sian
Emu- Allison
Unicorn- Heather J

mystical creature

unicorn has healing horn

myth or extinction?

Fleur de Point- Jan
Holy Island sky- Edna
Multicoloured unicorn , magical fairy garden- Lydia
Picasso style Face-Annabel’s Daughter
Multicoloured zebra- Heather J
Blossoms at Greenway- Liz W
If every day was yellow,
The sun's warmth would not heal.
If vegetables were only green,
How dull would be your meal?

If all your socks were black and white,
How could your toes get hygge.
If flowers only came in pink,
Earth would be no fun to dig.

If jumpers knitted with just blue,
Was all there was to buy;
There'd be no stripes or fashion shows,
No patchwork or tie-dye.

If sweet shops had no choices,
A childhood would be bland.
And maps would be so hard to read,
If grey lines marked the land.

As colourful as smarties,
Each pick a new surprise,
Like socks our lives are peppered best
With rainbows in our eyes.

As mother nature's paintbox,
Is best a riotous shout.
Let's make entirely certain,
That no shade gets left out.


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