We all need a little bit more sparkle this time of year..

Handmade cards and drawings are always appreciated. Here are a few ideas for quick festive sketches.

Take an hour out of the busy pre- Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ rush to make one for someone you love.

Or why not apply your collage skills to a bauble or two…

Ingredients required,

Ready-made bauble base. paper or foam or create your own in wire and newspaper. (Don’t forget to make a hanging loop.

Coloured and Patterned Tissue paper

Modgepodge or similar glue, or p.v.a mixed with water.


Paint (especially metallic coloured paint) and glitter to decorate)

A glass to balance bauble on

1. Tear, cut and prepare your different coloured papers ready to stick on. You will need a few layers so be generous. Use plain colours first, patterned on top.

2. Brush an area of your bauble with the glue, apply a piece of tissue, flattening with the brush and then brush an extra layer of glue over the top to seal. do this to cover all the bauble, ensuring no gaps and until you get the effect you require. cut pieces will give you crisper patterns. To get a uniform shape, e.g., stars, fold a piece of tissue over and over and then cut your shape through all the layers at once.

3. Leave to dry, then decorate with your detail in shiny paints or paint p.v.a glue patches and dunk in glitter!

Find a useful place to leave to dry!

Quick Christmas Tree Painting

Three wise men- Heather

Wise men rode camels

following a guiding star

what will we follow?

Scandi Santa- Jan

Winter Thistles-Edna

Cartoon Christmas-Jan

And a very merry Christmas from me!

With all the sparkliest wishes for a lovely Christmas, Best wishes, love from ALL our Artists and Liz at the Beach Hut XX

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