Paper mache shoe for Dance show-Liz

Paperwhite Narcissus- Edna

Behind the News -Allan

Zoom Collage workshop with Julia

Paper Objects from Hospital. An installation. Lorna

Paper House- Jim

Paper Bed

It hurt a lot my paper cut,
While making paper people.
To live in paper castles,
With a paper church and steeple.

We rescued rubbish paper,
And it kept me quiet  for hours.
Im happy, in my bed of scraps,
Growing paper flowers.

Happy writing secrets,
Folded in a paper crane.
Disappearing inky words,
To fly off in the rain.

My nest becomes a rustling den,
A story crammed soft bed.
Perhaps I might stay here a while,
My castle of books read.

Why not try some simple paper bird sculptures. Use sturdy watercolour paper or thin card.

Have a great week

Liz x

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