Caught amongst the branches,
I spied a shiny thing.
A pirates hoard ? A pot of gold?
A diamond wedding ring? 

When swift a wing did swipe me,
As, on his way he flew. 
With mouth so crammed with treasure,
He dropped jewels at my shoe. 

The magpie' s nest was golden,
A Palace for his young.
Scraps of sparkly jewellery, 
Glinting in the sun.

Annabel- After Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
Autumn Bridge at Mardle – Sue
Golden Daffodils – Heather

golden daffodils

signs of hope heralding spring

sound your trumpets now.

Golden fox- Julia
Aurora and Birch Trees -Jan
Golden Landscape -Jan
Golden sunrise – Allan
Acrylic daffodils- Heather

golden daffodils

Sunflowers and Autumn Sun

worth much more than gold

Matisse Lemons- Karen

Gold Leaves- Fran

Keep Shining xx

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