Stone Angel
There she was my angel 
We stood there, eye to eye;
Ninety stairs round slippery bends,
She met me in the sky.

It was how I imagined 
The heavens to unveil.
Majestic yet still humbling, 
Her skin so stained, so pale.

Her eyes they were my level, 
She saw me true that day.
The lashing rain and thunder clouds, 
She blew them right away.

We held each other’s gazes
In awe, in peace, in shock.
A girl with wings so mighty, 
An angel carved from rock.

Down below in China Town
They scuttled from the rain.
But here there was no  traffic.
No sound of human pain.

Each moment held a lifetime. 
Her silent perfect love.
As cooling rain soaked, tears fell,
Through the grey above.
Soft as cotton , God made. 
Smudging time and years.
Mirroring my hearts pull, 
Mirroring my tears.

She and I alone stood,
High inside a storm.
Suddenly surrendered;
Suddenly reborn. 


Bass Rock Edna
Bass Rock- Heather

rising from the sea

gleaming ghostly in the sun

where are the gannets?

Seaside rock – Jan

Jordan Street- Sue

Rocks- Fran
Waterfall on rocks- Sue
Rock Solid- Allan

Pebbles Karen

Have a great week,

Liz x

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