Heather J

tree of life and peace
rooted in eternity
reaching out in love

Lorna- Outside in, blossom tree

Apple Tree

Once there was an apple pip that grew into a tree,

Years and months and days went by, and changes he did see.

Children came and grew, and kissed their sweethearts at the gate,

A hundred Summers shimmered, sheltering lovers on a date.

Growing luscious bounty, red, sweet, rich and full of bite,

Plumply filling pies and tangy cider drunk at night.

Many children climbed his limbs, sought kingdoms high and proud,

His branches reached to highest nests and faded into clouds.

Little feet and little shoes had clambered into space,

He watched as plimsolls tumbled, victims of a loosened lace.

Many dreams made real within his solid heart and limbs,

Watched by mice and woodpeckers, tiny wrens who sing.

Crazy squirrels squabbled, leaping higher than our heads

Swinging through his branches, new found treasure in their beds.

And in the crinkled skirts below, this wise old gnarly tree,

A forest doorway, Narnia, a den to you and me

Where stories older than the world were played by every child,

With eyes half closed, he heard their joy, adventures big and wild.

To most onlookers all is seen is bark and twigs and shade,

A vast and aging apple tree, the grandpa of the glade.

But who is hiding underneath and in between the leaves?

The realm that shows itself to those who still believe.

There’s more than what the eye can see, and what is on the ground

A woodland tree sees all of life, and all its sights and sounds.

In spending time just with the tree, and what his magic is

In smelling freshest forest air, reminds us how to live

For who were so meant to meet; what flies in twilight air,

Just from the corner of our eye; he shows us who is there.

Another world seen by the small, and old and open-hearted,

The trees all know and see it too, its where the magic started.

In dens and knolls and pixie homes, in tales of kingdoms fey,

Its up to you what path you take in your old boots today.

The apple tree from just a pip, the whole of life will see,

Be sure to stop and visit him, hes waiting tenderly.

Curl up within his sturdy roots, feel all of nature flowing,

A page of time in wooden rings, a diary ever growing.


Enjoy the trees changing this week

lots of love

Liz at the Beach Hut xx

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