Jan- Murmuration cloud
Fran- Van Gogh cloud
Heather J – lenticular cloud

lenticular clouds
forming on crests of air waves
fish, heart, UFO?
Heather J


Quick catch the fish, wait no, 
A bird, 
all air, and soft and high.
He’s moving slowly on the breeze,
way up there in the sky.

Another joins him ,dinosaur?
Fierce with swishy tail,
Blowing puffs of white hot fire,
Forging brave his trail.

Oh ! but he’s a rabbit now,
Hopping out of view,
Until it’s Neptune’s face I spy!
Can he spy me too? 
He grows an extra fin, a wing; a face appears beside..
A sudden gust, they’re turned to dust,
As gulls float on the ride.

My name I hear from somewhere here,
As carnivals float past.
But you and I are flying high,
On beds of scratchy grass.

Upon this meadow blanket,
No page is what it seems.
A soft unfolding picture book,
Played out in stills of dreams.


Hope the sun bursts through the clouds wherever you are xx
Have a good week, love Liz

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