Liz- Raven
Edna- Swan
Edna – Cheeky Bird
Jan – Superb Bird of Paradise
Fiona- Blue Tits
Heather J – Black Swan

graceful black swan

gazing at her reflection

black is beautiful

Heather J – Shag

shag perching on rock

spreading wings ready for flight

where is the broomstick?

Lorna- Brown bird

Karen- Purple Gallinule

Wood Pigeon

A wood pigeon may not be mighty,
Colourful, vibrant or tall.
But she holds the promise of summer,
In each, soothing coo of her call.

Behind are the wintering snoozes,
As mornings are welcomed anew.
She greets us from chimneys and treetops,
To tell us the sky is now blue.

As windows are opened a little,
And dust finds less places to hide.
The scent of a season beginning,
Is led, by her call, with such pride.

And just for a moment, we linger,
Remember those lovely first songs.
Awakening each yellow morning,
In childhoods, that played on and on. 


Have a beautiful week

Love Liz xx

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