Alphabet soup no 9

O no!!

Heather’s owl

Golden eyes

Gleaming owl stares

Watching waiting

Beware bunnies beware

Ruth’s Oak and spring leaf šŸƒ botanical fabric prints
Sarah’s Oak leaf
Lorna’s owl
Jim’s ostrich
Jim’s Osprey
Jim’s skull octopus
Heather’s pencil sketch octopus
Heather’s watercolour octopus

Rainbow octopus

Waving from watery home

eight arms are better

Allan’s bowl of O’s

D is for …

Jim’s old dogs home
Dragging on.. by Jim.
Duck prep by Lorna
Dove by Heather

Gentle graceful Dove flying

Symbol of world peace

Noah’s messenger

Lovely vintage duck pages by lorna

And G is for ..

Heather’s Goldfinches

Flock of goldfinches

Feasting on the thistledown

Friends sharing a meal

Lornas Giraffe

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