Alphabet soup no 10

Y not!

Sarah’s yellowhammer

Allan’s yo yo

Jim’s yogi bear
Lorna’s yodelling yeti
Heather’s beautiful sunflower
Cherry’s Yellowcraig
Heather’s field of sunflowers 🌻

Yellow sunflowers

creating a field of gold

Bringing sunshine

And this week’s letter is u

Lorna’s unicorn with ukelele
Sarah’s unicorn- Scotland’s national emblem.
Heather’s unicorn

Mystical creature

Unicorn has healing horn

Myth or extinction

Allan’s ufo
Jim’s u boat
Jim’s Anau, two toed sloth

And this week our letter is L

Jim’s lion
Heather’s Lindisfarne

Across the causeway

Lindisfarne Holy Island

A scared thin place

Cherry’s Coldingham Loch
Lorna’s leopard

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