Oh K our last two !

K is for keys
Cherry’s keys
Heather’s kingfisher

Angling kingfisher

Flashes of orange and blue

Blink and you miss him

Sarah’s kingfisher
Lornas Kanga
Jim’s kiss
Jim’s kick

While last but not by any means least….

X is for…

Xiphias gladius ( swordfish)
Heather’s Xyris difformis

Xyris difformis

Bog yellow eyed grass

Shades of our iris

Allan’s Xebec trading ship
Sarah’s Xmas tree ๐ŸŽ„

Thankyou to all the contributors of our Alphabet Challenge . All of you have created unique artwork which has been a joy to discover and share with one another every week. One special congratulations must go to Heather who has achieved every letter, with not only a drawing but a haiku too.


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