As the Summer light begins to fade and colours too are gone

For precious days horizons jewelled with seed heads tall and strong

their riches held for next years blooms for just a little while

before their fate is rendered swiftly to the bonfire pile

we too start projects seeded now as term begins once more

as winters breath begins to leave its traces at the door

with notebooks, ink and pencils we begin our new ideas

and warm our hands with marks we make at this time of the year.

Allan’s excellently shaded pepper
Poetry by Ruth Gilchrist
Sarah’s wild Radish

Germination brings a seed out of its slumber and triggers the growth process. A seed will begin germinating once it receives enough moisture. The Smallest Seed in the World. There are 300,000 species of seed-bearing plants in the world that we know of. Among these, the smallest seed belongs to an orchid known as Aerides odorata .

Seeds are everywhere in the world. They allow trees to grow, plants to produce fruit, and even give much needed shade when it is too hot outside.

Skeleton Poppy seed head by liz
Apple seed by Lizzie H
Rosehips by Heather

Vibrant Rose hips

Seed Bearer of Summer Blooms

Vitamin C Source

See the source image


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