How to muddle leaves for a drink …
Muddle puddle by LIzzie H
Ruth’s time muddle
Rob hard at work
Still life by Rob
Muddle? What a is ...
Muddle papers
Muddle through and muddle on and muddle leaves for gin
And fix the muddle that somehow you've found your clothes are in
Muddle up your salt and sugar messing up your cake
But gets you out of next weeks rota when your turn to bake
When your head is like spaghetti and your thoughts are muddles
Watch a fire or hear the birds or soak your feet in puddles
Slowly life is simple and the way once more is clear
And cocktails are the only only muddle you will taste this year
Muddling cocktails…
Pen drawing of still life
Sarah’s knitting muddle

Heather’s abstract word Art Muddle

Life is a muddle
What to do where to go when?
One day at a time.

Allan’s multi layered still life
Cherry’s muddle of fishing nets

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