Everything is fine 💙
Julia’s holding hands
Allan’s terrifying trust exercise!

Still life based on the ‘Drink me’ bottles in Alice in wonderland . Would you trust it’s contents?

Liz J and her bottle
Allan’s bottle
Stella’s bottle
Ruth G’s bottle

Trust, a little word,  tiny,
humble in its way.
Something we all take for granted
used so every day

But when you lose it worlds can topple, steady now uncertain
Now the open window closed is shuttered, life behind a curtain.

Trust that those who love you have your back .. and front and sides
And climb mountains for you.
Swim an ocean , swell with pride

Trust in your own instincts
Feel the knowledge from a child
For most of us get worse not better
Letting Trust run wild

Heather. Trust in me.

sheep need a shepherd                        they know his voice and trust him                  we need a shepherd

If you fall I will catch you.  By Sarah


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