Little white boat. Liz W
Sail class resources
Heather’s Sailing Ship
The Sun is setting
sea reflecting red and gold
a ship sails away
Jim’s sail boat
Rob’s Viking Ship
Ruth G’s soft boat in the sunset
Allan’s stormy sea
Edna’s calm sea
Stella’s red sailed boat
St Abbs in a storm
And in calmer seas

Sarah’s lovely map of memory
LIzzie H in the tub
The little boat 
The little boat upon the sea looked small and lost and slight 
Adrift on dark blue ocean swells she sailed into the night 
The waves looked at the tiny sails and gave an evil laugh 
Intending to engulf it like a spider in the bath 

The storm raged on and waves crashed down 
Upon the little yacht 
But sailors knew the ocean’s depths 
And worked with what they’d got 

They felt the hum of distant calls and mass from far below 
And sensing they were needed showed the blue whale where to go 
Like icing on a velvet cake the boat was lifted free 
As angry waves continued raging in the stormy sea 

The tiny boat and all her men were lifted safely on 
To calmer waters further South where soon the storm was gone 
There should be fear of big dark shapes we do not understand 
But little boat knew this one took them to a safer land 

The moral of this story and this wet and windy tale 
Is never underestimate the power of your sail 
For you may be of stature small and weak but brave 
With power indescribable beneath the darkest waves


Julia H’s lovely windmill sails

An amazing week of complimentary artwork and friendship ⛵⚓

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