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Woodland Walk Liz W
Stella’s copy of Natural Man by Loui Jover
Sarah’s tree in the woods
Lorna’s pen and ink rabbit

Jim’s land ing ink !
Fran’s lovely simple line landscape
Allan’s marshland in inks
Edna’s mountains and water in ink
Learning techniques from pen to feather, wet and dry
Julia H’s flowers in ink
Under drawing in watercolour pencil
Italian ink landscape
Lorna’s inky flowers on hospital pyjamas
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Blencathra Heather

Storm clouds threaten above you,
long fingers of mist sneak down
ready to trap the unwary,
dark ridges lead to your wind torn summit;
attracted yet repelled
today I reject your enticement
Devil’s Peak legendary home of Affallach.

Morning frost shimmers like pearls
on a patchwork palette,
sun warms our backs as we leave
the gorse and cross your soft slopes

we are urged on by a gentle wind
as a zigzag path beckons us on
towards the pommel of a green saddle

making new memories, recalling old
we hug and celebrate at the summit cairn.

today you are home to the Creator
who has spread out his artistry before us
under a blue awning.


Cherry’s stone sculpture and quiet land
Lorna’s land from lily pollen and make up .
A line describes the land I see as time and days stand still
My sketches weave their magic Web of  marks and scratchy hills
Building layers thick with colours peeping from beneath
Like sunlight on a field of heather sharp with bud and leaf
Broken fence posts break my line and reign my patterns gait
Herding patchwork textures deftly anchoring their weight
If you look closely you might find a place you used to know
Or even better still create somewhere you want to go.

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