Ruth G’s pencil Nest
Stella’s nest of eggs
Rob’s beautiful abstract colour nest
Where have you come from?
Where have you been?
Your paws are all wet and
your fur needs a clean

Come curl up beside me
And stop for a rest
I've made a soft bed
Warn and cosy, a nest

It's not very big, but it fits you just right
Your feet can tick under your tummy at night

Take hold of my fingers, I've got you I'm here
The firelight is growing, there's nothing to fear
In morning or springtime whenever you wake
Well celebrate quietly
with nibbles of cake

And stretch out and yawn
Or go right back to sleep
For nesting is endless
When resting so deep.

There is just this moment
There is just this place
There is just the blissed out
Pure joy on your face

If I had a wish
For that hurt in your eye
The kettle would boil
And your thoughts would untie

You'd lay your tired feet
And your wings would smooth out
Lets wrap up your troubles
Leave no gaps for doubt

Just hear the fire crackle
while breath slows in your chest
Jack frost is on the windows
But you're safe in your nest

Heather’s nest

Four Blue Speckled Eggs

Cooried doon in cosy nest

new lives waiting

Allan’s bedtime nest
Our life models for the week!
Lorna’s lovely leaf nest
Edna’s detailed pastel mice in their nest
Lorna’s nest of lily stamens
Julia’s Cuckoo in its nest
Fran’s crow’s nest in ink
Cherry’s brave baby birds
LW. This and that
Julia H four blue Eggs
And well done to Allison, our newest member today . 👏


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