Winter Tree

LW example tree
Stella’s pen and ink tree
Allison’s snowy scene
Fran’s beautiful simple scene
Rita’s tree from glue gun and acrylic
Allison’s lovely twin trees
Edna’s soft pastel winter scene
Liz’s striking ink and acrylic landscape
Allan’s sunrise tree silhouettes
Heather’s holly

Glossy leaves sharp points

Berries bright as blood of life

Joy and pain entwined

Winter tree
His aged fingers beckon me
I walk towards the winter tree
Enticed by pungent earthy coat
Around him fairy dust motes softly  float

I watch their dances hoping hard
That one will leave a calling card
A wing of silken glistening gold
A story real that will be told

To children ever more from now
As wide eyed now under under this bough
Am I in canopies of sun
Of dappled light, the only one

In dell of magic with my tree
His splendid wooden ancestry
His claw like fingers reach for mine
And in my hand his leaves entwine 

The last few left of this year past
He grips them hard to make them last
But as we know with living things
Their cycles bring the richest things

And to the earth his soft leaves flow
To help his new buds sleep then grow
For now his stately wisdom stands
Like waistcoat on distinguished man

He tells of summers, lovers, fun
Days gone by, and not begun
Days to come and what will be
Under my friend the wise old tree
Some of our lot admiring Stella’s art !
Lorna’s beautiful simple tree verse
Sarah’s lovely Avenue of trees
Ruth’s winter tree festive screen
Example of using masking fluid to paint in tree branches before adding background colour .
Julia C’s trees
Heather’s holly

Glossy leaves, sharp points,

Berries bright as possible of life

Joy and pain entwined .

Happy drawing 🎄

Sea Sparkle and Liz at the Beach Hut xxx

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