Mopsie’s sewing kit . Liz W
Heather’s engagement ring
Edna’s silver necklace
Julia H’ s china cat from when she was 3.
China mouse Liz w
Silver spoons by Stella
Table of treasure
Fran’s hummingbird
A treasure in the post 💌
Allan’s penknife
In amongst this week’s most treasured items, heat and water. Storm blackout.
Julia’s treasured wooden clogs

Wise men rode camels

Following a guiding star

What will we follow?


Lorna’s childhood doll
My favourite person in the world had biscuits in her bed
We saw the day in perfectly  my  lovely Mopsie said
With tea and books that held the past more fully than a screen
And eiderdowns of heavy feathers keeping out bad dreams.
She taught me how to sew, on a singer with a wheel
To value making dresses and grow salad for a meal.
She was effortlessly stylish before ever it was cool
Adept with fabrics, making dolls ,with thread and pins and spools.
She had a tiny room in a turret on the side,
Where teeny teddies all were sewn and treasures here were spied.
A little girl, my favourite place was not a shopping chore,
But being allowed pickings from the riches in the drawer.
In I'd dive with making mind to see what I'd discover
Scraps of lace and felted shoes , the thrill was like no other
Tins of ancient buttons snipped from garments through the years
Leather cases, thimbles, needles, scraps of silk so sheer
Once my paper bag of treasure had no more room to rife,
Down we'd go to make the dream come slowly into life.
When I think of Mopsie there are things that come to mind
All the treasures in the drawer, generous and kind.
And when a thimble, scrap of lace or thread brings her to me:
I realise it was her patience that set MY artist free .


Treasure today ✨💖 xx
Liz and the Art group

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