Avenue of trees LW
Fran’s festive field
Stella’s German bridge
Stella’s woodland scene
Heather’s red boat

Red sails on the sea

Rosy rays of setting sun

Golden reflections


Ruth’s textured scene ( work in progress)
Julia’s snow scene
Allison’s blue sea
Julia’s textured landscape

Roof tiles flew in all directions, fences torn from posts
Fires if lucky, lit, to make a simple meal of toast
Boiling water in a pan, heating hands in gloves
Mission only keeping safe the ones you know and love

Pets and children under blankets, cards in candlelight
The week of darkness held its breath while houses hung on tight.
When winds died down the damage clear and taking breath away
But hard to know when nightime stopped or when began the day.

The strength of trees and spaces, pushed to their extreme
Never had the coldness felt so tiring, long and mean.
Every garment worn in bed with water bottles too,
Childhood memories flooding back of what would grandma do?

But in the gloom amongst the dust a patch of light appeared
Friendly faces from afar to dampen certain fears
To tie and hammer, light and send the means for tea and toast
To bring themselves and comfort for the parts that need it most

We learnt some collage in our group with paint and ink and card,
A few who’d managed valiantly despite a week so hard.
The chairs surrounded, chat was quick, the pot was deep and warm,
Our grateful faces showed the spirit unbroken by the storm.

The theme was Patch and in our room a patch of welcome light,
With layers, cake and sharing stories colours became bright.
Reflecting too on moments when time vanished in the room,
When candles glowed on jigsaws, games and pets in living rooms.

When people who would usually be separate in their homes,
Shared stories, food and sleeping bags in firelight, not their phones.
The storm wreaked havoc, but even when it felt the days would never end,
We caught a patch of stillness too, and gratitude for friends.


Sending out love and hope that you are all alright on this week of weeks πŸ™ Liz πŸ’™x

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