We start another year with hope 
That life will bring new luck
A win at bingo, all the cheers
Two fat yellow ducks

Twenty two a rounded shape
A twin numeric face
We watch the faces, mother child
As new life starts the race

Double trouble double bets
Double fingers crossed
Double all the fun you'll have
All the time we lost

Find a friend and Double up
Find adventures new
Salt and pepper life again
As spring time marches through.
Liz J working hard
Edna’s silhouettes in pastel
Sarah’s twin deer
Jennifer’s beach explorers
Allan’s lucky double
Allison’s papaya
Fran’s owls
Fran’s toadstools
Jeen’s tulips and shells
Heather’s pears

A pair of ripe pears

To pare or not to pare

That is the question

Liz in leaves by Lorna
Toni’s kuwai koala
Julia’s red shoes
Seahorse hug Liz

To artists of all shapes and sizes , make this a doubly good year for creating and exploring all you enjoy .

Liz at the beach hut and Sea Sparkle


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