Orange sky through windows came
Allan’s seashore sparkle
Fran’s kingfisher
Allan’s misty morning
Gill’s Castle scene
Allison’s morning light
Allison’s moonlight
Rowena’s Swan
What Jean sees
Heather’s black Swan

Graceful black Swan glides

Gazes at his reflection

Black is beautiful

Edna’s delicate trees
Jim’s beautiful reflection photographs

A reflection 🌅

You told me you can see yourself
reflected in my eyes
Like pools of shiny mirror glass
sketched lines of time gone by

For so long children push against
the changes yearned to make
The differences to celebrate
The moulds to smash and brake

New faces peer from looking glass
An actress on a stage
A catwalk changing daily
Amongst tears of joy and rage

But when a moment comes at last
A mirror you discover
A flicker of our coded past
A best forgotten lover

As sunlight seeps into the sea
Lost in her fall and rise
Reflecting warmth back into me
Her fire before my eyes

I think of how your light shines new
Your face alike but yours
Reflecting, warmth the best of you
A frightened child no more


Reflect light wherever you are ✨

Sea Sparkle and liz at the beach hut x

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