Jean’s lovely selection of colours
Fran’s pastel shades
Edna’s soft hued purple rocks
Ruth’s fiery orange tones
Allan’s homework
Liz’s accidental seal face !
Rowena’s mini beach
Jason’s pocket full of treasure
Lorna’s rocky rhyme

Pebbkes from the shore

Rounded smooth by ocean’s force

Evoke memories

Smooth and cool in sunbaked palm,
Her treasure found at last.
Days of scanning eagle eyed,
A badge of seaside past.

Today a Hepworth sculpture,
A Moore for tiny eyes.
Placed in a dollhouse garden,
An art space fairy sized.

Placed next to two stone siblings,
A magpie feather too.
A still life of a memory,
Of toes in sandy shoes.

Now, door to Castle sandy,
With shells a path to moat.
As tiny flags with Union Jacks,
Sail by on tiny boats.

Lined up like tiny solders,
Each beach a different gift.
A subtle row of treasures,
A cheeky jewel to lift.

From pink and grey of granite,
To tiny rocks of slate,
Or sparkly crystal nuggets,
A pocket: each rocks fate.

She keeps her bowl of pebbles,
Each one a memory store,
The nurses in the home,
Prompt gently asking more.

She tells them different stories
Of beach days free and wild,
When clanking heavy pockets,
Were the diary of a child.


Never stop treasure hunting xx

See the source image

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